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Here are the questions we are most frequently being asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why is your company any better than any other company selling drives?
    We have 30 years of experience starting up, servicing, sales and tech support with VFDs. This is what we do everyday and we are very good at it. We do not pass off our customers to some 800 number for support, we answer the phone 24/7 and work directly with you for the life of the product. We are the best there is at this. With us you don't have to read the manual, you just call us.
  • Why Mitsubishi ?
    Mitsubishi because we felt it was the best. We have worked with quite a few drive manufacturers over the years and have learned the difference between a good drive, an average drive and a not so good drive. We chose Mitsubishi because of the quality of the hardware, the ease of use, and the firmware which handles any application or special requirements you need it for and lastly it's dependability, it last's.
  • Can't all Companies Drives Convert Single to Three Phase?
    No, not all drives can do this. With Mitsubishi we carry UL ratings for single phase input on all the F800 models and some of the D700 & E700 models as well. Why is UL important? Ask your electrical inspector.
  • What is PID and how does it work?
    PID is a function in the software of the the drive that allows you to automatically control a variable in a process. For instance, with the use of a Pressure Transducer, we are able to maintain a steady pressure in a water or air system. PID can be used to control the speed of anything where it can receive some type of feedback from. PID in you car is the Cruise Control. As you car meets different conditions on the road, it speeds up or slows done to maintain it's speed setting.

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