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Mitsubishi A800 Advanced Vector Drive



The FR-A Series delivers performance, control and accuracy with the latest in AC motor control technology. The FR-A series offers a host of embedded functions and algorithms that enable seamless control of both traditional AC induction and permanent magnet motors. Using Real sensorless vector (RSV), magnetic flux vector and vector control users can quickly optimize motor performance based on any requirement. .


The A800 is available in 200-240V 480V & 600V

HP range in size from

1/2 Hp - 1500 Hp

1/2 Hp - 40/50 Hp are NEMA 1

with removable plate for panel mounting. Larger sizes are considered Protected Chassis with NEMA 1 kits available


  • High speed processing and response to control larger, more complex systems with better precision and accuracy

  • Hardware architecture that will mitigate radical torque demands with up to 200% overload protection

  • Comprehensive control algorithms including Real Sensorless Vector (RSV) control for unmatched control across a wider speed range

  • Superior AC motor control technology for both standard induction motors and interior permanent magnet motors (IPM)

  • Built-in functionality for flexibility

    • Applies across a broad range of applications to simplify specifications and inventory

    • Eliminates the need to specify additional products and reduce system costs

  • Capacity ranging from ½ to 1,500 horsepower provides flexibility to address the changing needs of both machine builders and facility installations


  • Real Sensorless Vector Control

  • Perfect autotuning of PM and IM motors

  • Absolute positioning & built-in PLC function

  • Optimum excitation control

  • High flexibility by built-in PLC

  • Energy saving by 24 V control power supply

  • Easy maintenance

  • Easy set-up

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