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Aucom Soft-Starts

Modern Brewery

Take Control from the Start

The EMX4 is a comprehensive motor management system for the most demanding soft starting and stopping applications. With an impressive range of features, the EMX4 delivers superior performance and an unprecedented level of flexibility in a compact and user-friendly package.

Chassis w/Integrated Bypass Contactor

5 Hp - 1500 Hp

208-240, 480, 575V


Indoor/Outdoor Panels

Our Standard Indoor/Outdoor Soft Start Panels include:

Nema 4/12 Enclosure


Integrated Bypass Contactor

120Vac Transformer

Start/Stop or HOA on Door

All HPs - All Voltages

Fast Delivery


Powerful  and Reliable

The MVE soft starter is a powerful and reliable solution for your medium voltage motor starting requirements. With our complete class E2 starter, MVE will get your motor running.

Available in NEMA 1, NEMA 12, NEMA 3R and outdoor rated enclosures, MVE comes as a fully-finished cabinet including load break disconnect, in-line vacuum contactor, as well as built-in motor overload protection.

Through 14,000V / 1,200A

Nothing to See Here
Here Either


Medium Voltage


Let us create a Motor and Starter package for you !

Napoleon Dog

Easy to Program, Reliable in the Field and Inexpensive.

Great Combination!!!

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