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Electro Power is an authorized service facility for our vendors and we can do warranty service in our Milwaukee location or On Site Service for a fee. We also do non-warranty repair on drives as well.

For any type type of repair or returne, please contact Customer Service for the appropriate documentation we require.

Start Up Services

We offer Start-Up Services for all of our products in all Industries.We will on occasion charge a nominal fee to cover travel and expenses, but for most customers there will be no charge.


We offer training on all of our products which can be done at start-up or for larger groups at a location of your choosing. We also do extensive training in our Milwaukee facility, again at no cost to the customer.

Training can be product, application or general based on what you feel is right for you.

Our training includes:

  • Introduction to a Specific Product or Category.

  • Programming Drives and Soft Starts

  • Application Specific Training

  • Electricians

  • Farm Irrigation Training

  • On the Farm ( Augers, Air Transfer, Fans, etc...)

  • Troubleshooting

  • Sales Training​

Schedule a Training

You don't have to be a customer for us to do a training.

To inquire about a particular training, call 414-476-6446

Call us to schedule a training today.

  • 414-476-6446

  • Mike ext. 106

  • Jeff ext. 108

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