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Mitsubishi F800 General Purpose Drive

Water Disinfection


 Designed for unparalleled energy saving, optimised speed control, simple start-up, and versatility,

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new generation of drive technology: the remarkable FR‑F800.

 The FR‑F800 is designed to be a General Purpose (CT/VT) drive for most applications. It features many innovative functions that allow for the best compromise between efficiency and accurate control.


The F800 is available in 200-240V 480V & 600V

HP range in size from

1/2 Hp - 1400 Hp

1/2 Hp - 40/50 Hp are NEMA 1

with removable plate for panel mounting. Larger sizes are considered Protected Chassis with NEMA 1 kits available


At the heart of the FR‑F800 drive is an enhanced PID controller. This means that fan, pump and compressor control is easily handled without the need for external controllers. Furthermore the built-in PLC means true stand-alone capability. Some of the new PID functions are:

  • One drive can control multiple pumps

  • Second PID controller

  • Direct access to PID setpoint via the display

  • Pump Stir function

  • PID output hold (incl. multi-pump)

  • PID upper/lower limit pre-warning

  • Pipe burst detection / Dry run protection

  • Digitally selectable PID setpoints

  • Pipe soft fill to prevent water hammer

  • Water hammer avoidance at stop

  • PID pre-charge function

  • Pre-sleep boost function

  • Automatic PID gain tuning

  • Etc…


Intelligent load detection

Pump clean function (de-ragging)

Motor preheat function

Mechanical resonance suppression

Fire override mode

Intelligent energy optimisation

Autotuning of any IM/PM motor

Built in safety function STO

Protection of your know-how

Easy to start up

Built in PLC function

Intelligent predictive maintenance

Easy system fault diagnosis

FR-F800 VFD L.png

All Models of Drives Above Carry both Single Phase and Three Phase Input Ratings

If this Drive can't do it, it can't be done!

It should cost a lot more money....

We"ll have you up and running in no time with 24/7 Tech Support.

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